About Us

Think big,
achieve big.

We are committed to creating unique marketing solutions to grow our clients businesses by developing their competitive advantage through possibility thinking. The art of possibility thinking helps us to discover new ideas and innovative marketing strategies to ultimately achieve our clients long-term financial and brand goals.

Big specializes in working with energy and energy related companies, but we also enjoy branching out and have clients in the retail, recreational, and a range of other markets.

How We Work – Our Values



Seeing and creating the extraordinary from the ordinary through possibility thinking.


Together everyone achieves more through collaboration, accountability, trust, effective communication and respect.

WOW Service

Anticipating our client partners needs so that we can exceed their expectations.

Great Communication

Communicating before expected and engaging in dialogue to create clear understanding to support all our client partnerships’ and goals.

Focused Execution

Our ability to use our process mindset through collaboration to consistently deliver measurable results.


Why Work With Us

Why we’re right for your business

  • Our expertise and years of experience enables us to have an in-depth and thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in your business environment.

Why we’re right for any business

  • An experienced, multidisciplinary team that can meet any marketing requirements with over 25 years of Marketing and Communications experience behind us.
  • Accountable for everything we do, you don’t have to worry once its in our hands.
  • We develop a marketing and communications program that is unique to your business.
  • Focused to meet or exceed client expectations with respect to executing around agreed budgets and timelines.
  • BIG has a lot to learn about our customers, that is why we listen first and act second.
  • We will offer 11th hour communication support, if an urgent need or opportunity is presented, Big will be there to support your goals. We have the people and experience to move quickly and cost effectively.

Our Process

We follow a thought out and tested process for all of our client’s projects.

Each step of the process has defined inputs and outputs. Within the steps, we perform the necessary activities to meet the project objectives. After all that is taken care of, we get on with the exciting stuff: the work.

We follow our process with each and every project we accept, no matter the complexity or budget. Here are our steps…

Discover: Every project, regardless of its type or size, begins with a discovery phase. These foundation-laying steps are imperative to the development of a meaningful design that works for your audience.

Research: This critical step covers acquiring market insight about the customer, the business, and the competitive landscape. We take all submitted material from the discovery stage; conduct additional research, while applying our years of industry expertise, to work towards defining your organization’s unique communication needs.

Plan: It may not seem like it to most, but this is the fun part, developing the big idea, the creative and the look and feel. Integrating together the information obtained in the first two stages, we create a customized ‘goals and objectives’ plan for your organization in this stage – a one page strategic marketing plan.

Create: In this stage, our creative professionals use all of the information gathered to date to generate a wide range of conceptual approaches. Our team will then identify the most successful approach in meeting the goals and objectives that were determined during the planning stage.

Measure: Here is where we do a post-launch impact measurement, refinement, and the execution of ongoing activities. We conduct a post-program analysis of the results and this enables us to create tangible evidence of where it succeeded and where it can be improved.

Our Team

Dan King

President & CEO

Dan leads and oversees the strategic planning, business development and marketing direction for all client partners at Big. Dan has a strong management background and extensive marketing expertise from over 20 years in the business.
Dan specializes in helping clients grow their business and achieve outstanding marketing success.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales & Business Development

Stephen Ramkissoon

Director, Creative Services

Stephen is a marketing professional with several years of experience in creating successful promotional campaigns, interactive media tools, print & online advertisements, and social media strategies.

  • Creative Concept, Direction & Development
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Social Media Strategist

Maja Ulakovic

Marketing Coordinator

Maja is an expert coordinator and master planner. She is passionate about marketing, social media and online trends. She is always on the lookout for the latest digital platforms, innovations and strategies.

  • Project Coordination & Management
  • Research & Reporting

Logan King

Marketing Strategy, Business Development

Logan is obsessed with finding the latest business strategies and trends in an industry. He believes that there is always a better way of doing things as time continues to evolve. He is a social media guru and a master of project proposals.
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution
  • Client Presentations & Proposals
  • Idea generator, highly creative


Mike Keneqa

Web Developer

Mike brings functional and agile approaches to managing the web development side to all of our digital marketing efforts. He is passionate in building clean and lean websites that are easy to use and beautiful to look at.

  • System Admin
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Expert (not meteorologist)

Shea Friesen

Designer & Production Artist

Specializing in print media, Shea is a dedicated graphic designer who is passionate about creating exceptional work that will help clients achieve their creative vision.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Production
  • Halo God

Gilbert Nanlohy

Creative Interactive Designer

With a curiosity and passion to create purposeful experiences, Gilbert is able to produce clear, concise and visually attractive materials, enhancing how people read, understand and use information.

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