We look at marketing strategically with immediate action. We specialize in creating detailed marketing plans with focused strategies to capitalize on opportunities and deliver real results.

Strategic Planning Tools

  • Annual marketing calendar
  • Marketing grid
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing penetration plan
  • Develop marketing and sales strategy area

Interactive Media

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Custom solutions
  • Mobile and developing technologies
  • Blog development
  • Content relationship management – CRM
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Directory and association registration

Social Media & Business Networking

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Google +
  • Wikipedia profiles


  • Outdoor company and promotional signage
  • Online and new media
  • Print
  • Mobile
  • Radio and video

Promotional Activities

  • Direct mail
  • Trade shows
  • Sales promotions
  • Special offers
  • Event activities and marketing
  • Promotional campaigns

Corporate Communications

  • White papers
  • Stationery
  • Internal communications
  • Brochures
  • Flyers and sell sheets
  • Press release

Corporate Collateral

  • Brochures
  • Newsletters (print and online)
  • Sell sheets
  • Corporate videos
  • Power point/ Slide share presentations
  • Company profiles

Content Development

  • Copywriting
  • Press releases
  • Annual reports
  • Photography
  • Infographics

Recruitment Marketing

  • Advertisements
  • Social media
  • Brochures
  • Events (trade shows and career fairs)
  • Online ads and landing pages

Why Digital Marketing?


Because digital marketing tools are targeted, engaging, measurable and interactive when marketing your products & services.  It’s leveraging digital technologies to reach and convert leads into clients.  The key objective is to promote your brand, develop engagement, inform & educate, build preference and increase sales through various digital marketing techniques.

  • Having a Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution Plan can increase leads by 35% to 50%
  • 80% of potential customers check out your digital message before they make an inquiry

Referral Marketing Program

Being a business leader or entrepreneur is hard. Most business owners and executives know their business, their industry and their customers, but they have no idea how to effectively use marketing to promote and grow their business. Many business leaders struggle with marketing simply because they are unfamiliar with it or don’t really understand it; often confusing sales for marketing. Marketing is not a one or two month task, it is a continuous need that must be well-planned, organized, strategic, sustainable, consistent, and above all else, well executed and evaluated to achieve long-term success.

Referral marketing involves managing a company’s existing & past clients as well as it’s advocates to achieve business objectives, such as revenue growth or increased demand generation. It’s a simple but powerful concept: as the power and influence of word of mouth grows in buying processes, B2B & B2C companies of all sizes, industries and niches need to proactively develop and manage their most important marketing asset – their happy customers and fans.

As you plan, build and execute on your own referral marketing program:

What a Marketing Plan Can Do For You

The purpose of creating a marketing plan is not only to build on your core market and unique value proposition, but to also discover and capitalize on new ways to create more value and consequently more revenue.

Times Change – Marketing Keeps You Relevant

We’ve all heard the saying “it’s all about who you know” when it comes to getting ahead in the business world. While this is true, it has its limitations. As demographics shift and job-hopping becomes more prevalent there is a greater need to communicate your message through a variety of contact points.

Marketing Helps to Create and Define Your Image

A well-crafted strategic marketing strategy helps you define the image and messages you want to communicate to your audience. You are creating brand trust and loyalty in the minds of your audience; an overall feeling and experience for the client that goes well beyond a sales call

Gain The Competitive Edge

Learn about critical marketing tools and how to utilize them in your marketing strategy by downloading our PDF informational sheets below.

Marketing for the Energy Industry

Our expertise and years of experience enables us to have an in-depth and thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist in the Energy Industry.

A true Business Development & Marketing Strategy is multi-level. The illustration shows a number of business development services and technologies that, when implemented properly, can help you get to your Pay Zone.


More Marketing Information and Ideas

Brochures & Sell Sheets